How to find the best dog food?

Today there are dozens of foods for pets from dozens of different companies. Many dog ​​owners ask for advice, especially for puppies dry food embryos, about the most suitable food to their dogs. The bottom line is that fit every dog ​​the right food personally. Often have to try several types until you reach the point where find the most suitable food is, the dog enjoys eating, normal stool and no vomiting and diarrhea and of course the price is reasonable.

Can be divided into several types of dog food and help to match the dog food:

* Age dog – live in different nutritional needs than an adult dog. Notice that three stages in the life dog – puppy (dog under one year old), adult dogs (one year of age up to 7 years) and older (over 7 years). Each stage has different nutritional needs – rapid growth necessary to live in an adult dog needs the amount of salt and fat reduced.

* Breed dog – small breed dog (Pekingese, Shi warrant, pug, dachshund) different nutritional needs than large breed dog and this is reflected especially in the first year of the dog which has growth and rapid growth.

* The quality of the food – there are different types of different foods and the amount of meat component. Food good level of so-called super-premium.

* Health food or healthy dog ​​food – Dogs patients often require special diets included a treatment plan. Before using medical foods recommended to consult with a doctor to receive appropriate training. The use of medical foods typically limited to a certain time span to allow treatment of the disease. Once the treatment is finished, you can return to normal dog food. Buying an above ground pool maybe a great choice.

* Dry or wet food (canned) – Dry food is the basis for proper nutrition but can be added to increase the amount of canned meat in the diet or the diversity of taste.

There are domestic dogs receive food only. Such a diet may be missing some important nutrients so check carefully what to include food home. There is a lot of information online about the diet recommended components of household dogs and get as much information as possible before a decision to feed your dog homemade

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