How to train your dog

Want to train your dog? It runs at a cute puppy? You must be satisfied and want to give him a warm but after the excitement of the start discovering that it is not simple at all: suddenly have to worry about proper food, go for walks on a daily basis, take care to clean water and buy some games and take care of appropriate vaccines.

What you should know that dogs and pets? Information about education have puppies? We gathered for you a few tips by which biodegradable know more how to care for your dog best new.

Must adopt a puppy? Before you go to the pound is worth thinking whether you are ready to raise a dog, you have enough time? Do you have a private house or apartment? Animal growth affects all family members, for example: trips per day For food and of course attention. If you do not have enough time for all give up their idea.

A dog can fit you? It all depends on who you are a family with children, you should buy a dog friendly if you like to splurge big dog will turn everyone’s head. In any case it is important you plug right.

Education? Invested in training a dog, it’s now simpler and can tame a dog of any age, professional education will help you and will help you enjoy more than your dog. Disciplinary problems, care needs and other issues, in the new millennium can teach the dog to do anything.

The sooner you give your dog taming it will acquire normative behavioral habits that will allow the stay in the quiet of your home and the proper and desired behavior off it. The rich selection of trainers allow you superb choice amongst the best.
How good was elected doggie? There is no better recommendations worth checking with friends may have a recommendation for a professional trainer if so, Sue also find out about some online research always pays off. Like any other field also here to look for deals.

Alone or professional training? There are many who prefer to educate yourself the dogs, it’s usually not going to see success and if so, it is not always lasting. Therefore, you should spend a large sum regained within a year or two.

Fertility – According to Chinese medicine

Fertility – lifestyle recommendations and proper diet Chinese and Western perspective
That- 15% of the objects have difficulty conceiving. A couple’s chances of conceiving a productive relationship in which there is during ovulation are only about 30-35%.
Sperm counts have dropped dramatically in the last fifty years.
Problems of infertility in 40% of cases the problem lies in man, 30% of men considered to have low fertility, and 2% are absolutely non-productive.
When this low sperm count can be caused such pollution, disease returning, or inducing your period.
Low sperm count may also arise as a result of poor diet, lack of essential nutrients and / or environmental contaminants, such as lead, mercury and heavy metals.
Smoking, alcohol, intolerance to certain foods, artificial additives in the food industry, urinary tract infections and stress – all of which may affect fertility.
Infections such as chlamydia Chalamydia, cytomegalovirus CMV – cytomegalovirus, fungal infections such as toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis, Mycoplasna hominis, Ureaplasma and genital herpes virus, all of which harm the sperm count and when they occur in women can cause miscarriage.

They do not always cause infertility, but their frequency more precisely for couples suffering from unexplained fertility.
Heavy use of sprays and fertilizers, has an estrogenic effect competes with the male hormone testosterone and affects productivity.
Female infertility may be due to blockage of the fallopian tubes, which may be due to an infection such as thrush, or a urinary tract infection or chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases sexual. It is important to perform a thorough medical examination.

Sometimes there is a problem of ovulation, this is due to hormonal imbalance.
Other conditions, such as endometriosis, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, nutrient poor nutrition, especially magnesium and zinc and / or environmental pollutants, are also common causes fertility problems in women. Candida fungus is also a woman’s body, may be related to the problem of productivity.
Stress situations cause the body to release adrenaline weakens the endocrine system and cause hormonal imbalances that may prevent conception.

Foods to avoid them
– Coffee, chocolate, Coke because caffeine. Affect the impotence and reduce the chances of conception.
– Sugary sweets and desserts – provide the body with calories without any nutritional value and hit the hormonal balance sheet. Reduce consumption to a minimum. It is better to avoid general.
– Alcohol consumption – affects the levels of zinc in the body, lowers sperm count, impairs sperm morphology and motility of his. In women impairs rooting. The phenomenon worsens the

presence of alcohol.
– Avoid foods rich in saturated fats, junk food, warm meals and file type, multi sugar and salt in food. On one side are those rich enough vitamins and minerals and on the other hand, inhibit the absorption of minerals and vitamins.
– Non-organic dairy products. These abundant hormones that harm the hormonal balance of the body. Situation worse in people with allergies to milk protein.
– Wheat rich Bfittim, these are chemicals that prevent absorption of some minerals. So avoid products such as: fever, cookies and cakes, pizza bases made from wheat. You can eat rye flour

products instead.
– Studies show that soy may also harm the hormonal balance sheet (it is rich in phytoestrogens) So while attempts at pregnancy preferably avoid consuming soy products.
– Avoid foods containing artificial ingredients: dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors and sweeteners. For example, food coloring Tartazin known to lower levels of zinc, and other materials lower magnesium levels. England conducted a study which found that of 426 artificial substances added to food, 35 of which cause fertility problems ranging from impotence harm to the fetus.!